Paintball Strategy in Paintball Games


To most effectively plan your paintball strategy, you need to be in a relaxed mindset. Our brains and bodies are set up with a “fight or flight” mechanism that helps control us when we feel threatened (in Paintball Games this is especially true). Being able to control yourself in those situations is imperative to your success in effectively planning and executing your strategy. To do so, try to work on the following (keep in mind that it will take time to transition yourself into this mindset, but it is well worth the time and effort required):

Keep in your mind that it is just a game. Remind yourself that you will not die if you get hit by a paintball, and the only negative consequence is that you are “dead” in the game.

View the game as more like laser tag. In this sense, think about it being a relaxed game where you are just tagging one another. When you are being shot at, think of it as a game of dodge ball rather than a gun-fight.

Although the above may seem a little weird, they have helped me a great deal in teaching my mind and body that it is just a game and I won’t die from it. I’ve stressed the word “game” here quite a bit because of its importance – games are fun; not dangerous.

The next thing in our set of Paintball Tips is to learn how to actually train yourself. The best way to go about this is to plan a day with your friends and just play around (no real games or anything, just firing at each other). During this time you will want to remind yourself of the things listed above. This will help you transition better.

As you get more and more comfortable, you will want to start practicing your Paintball Tactics in a real game. Although it may take a few games to fully catch on, it will happen eventually. Think of it not as losing but as learning.


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